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Car maintenance in Zambia

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The ideal maintenance of a vehicle in Zambia is not limited to a simple draining every 10,000 km. Indeed, many points need to be checked regularly. You can also change the oil filter or pollen filter (cockpit filter) and other things that CarYandi has identified for you.

Check the car with your eyes

It is necessary to know how to do a quick check by looking at the discs and brake pads. Check the condition of the battery without disconnecting it if you have a recent car, because the immobilizer could then stop the car.

Maintenance you can do every 2 years

Technical inspections are compulsory every two years on passenger cars and a pollution test must be carried out every year for commercial vehicles. Check the timing belts and accessories (be careful, a break in the timing belt usually leads to breakage).

Also, you must:

  • Bleed the coolant and check the circuit for leaks
  • Bleed the brake fluid and check the circuit for leakage
  • Lubricate the door locks
  • Check the exhaust line (its rust and leaks)
  • Check the oil level of the gearbox
  • Check the transmission
  • Check engine hoses if they are cracked and replaced as soon as possible.

Maintenance every three years

Every three years, it is important to change spark plugs on gasoline engines in Zambia. The diesel filter, air filter, timing belt and accessory belt must also be replaced on diesel engines. Check the fluid (or fluid) of power steering and drain the automatic transmission (except the oil called "long life" to never be drained)

Maintenance you can do every 100,000 km

It is very advisable to replace the distribution kit that is vital to your engine. Check and, more generally, replace the shock absorbers and check the airbags. A good maintenance of your car in Zambia will help you keep it in good condition for a long time.

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