Any driver knows that winter is a difficult time to drive in Zambia. The ice, the rain on the roads... hinder circulation and can cause us a scare. As in any season of the year, we must know how to react to problems that may arise from the cold, but we must also know how to avoid them.
Pay attention to these ten things that you should take in the vehicle in rainy and cold seasons:

1. Mobile phone

Many times we have the feeling that it fails us at the worst moments. For this reason, it is important not only to have your mobile phone on hand during the winter, but also to carry it with a battery, especially if we are going to make a trip to remote areas. It doesn't hurt to carry a power bank either.

2. Chains

Perhaps you may think that it is not necessary to carry them in the trunk because it does not rain frequently in your area, but the truth is that it is necessary to carry them because we never know when bad weather may surprise us. In addition, always carrying them in the trunk will save you trouble when you take a trip to nature during the winter.

3. Jumper cables and towing sling

Cold is the worst enemy of car batteries. Freezing temperatures cause our car batteries to discharge and often lose power. For this reason, it is important to carry some starter cables to be able to start the car.

4. Extra warm clothing

You never know for sure what the weather will be like where you are going. Carrying a coat in the trunk or on the back seats can protect you. Especially if you have to get out of the vehicle to repair it, or to get gas.

5. Lantern

During the winter season, the sun goes down early and the night can suddenly surprise us anywhere. Do not forget to carry a flashlight in the glove compartment, even if it is small. It will help us in case we have to put the chains or change a wheel.

6. Water and energy foods

Just as in summer it is important to be hydrated during our trips, in winter any trip can become an odyssey due to bad weather. Always carry energy bars or other snacks with you and don't forget your bottle of water.