On Tuesday, Aston Martin launched a new Vantage sports car to replace the previous DB11 as part of its Second Century plan. The current vehicle is a v8 powered by a 503 horsepower 4.0L twin turbo making it very light and more focused. It’s the company’s entry-level vehicle meaning it will cost $ 150,000 and take some time before people can drive it. However, from experience on the DB11 and the pictures shown below, you will approve the price attached just by reading about it.

The vantage v8 was the second car to use the aluminum architecture bonded with a VH from Aston Martin in 2005. From then, vantage became the title for Aston Martins fast versions such as the supercharged 550hp powered chesterfield sofa-on-wheels, a Virage of the 1990s. The model made Aston Martin hit having both v12 and v8 and managing to sell more than 21,500 copies. These were the highest sales for the company in its 104 years of history.

The new Vantage is a complete package 11 inches shorter than DB11 and occupying less road-space compared to Porsche 911 and weighing 1530kgs. These features enable it to start first achieving 60mph in 3.6 seconds. The engine uses technology developed by Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz.

The vehicle is the second twin turbo release from Aston Martin’s hood hence giving customers an option to DB11. It is fitted with the automatic 8-speed gearbox from ZF. However, although the engine and architecture are similar to DB11, 70% of its components are new. Despite maintaining the Aston Martin’s distinctive appearance, the look is different from DB11. The styling gives the car model an athletic predatory outlook. The front is dominated by a large grille and splitter. The car appears to pounce on any children and small animals that may pass by it when packed somewhere at night.

The Vantage’s interior design is magical and incomparable to that of Lamborghini or Ferrari. The manufacturer has fixed many of the complains the customer made to the DB11. There are no doubts that the vehicle is eye-catching especially from the retina-searing lime essence painting. The vehicle bears a wind-tunnel bearing shape implementing lessons learned from the previous Vantage model especially in areas like Nurburgring and Le Mans.

The vantage will revolutionize racing. The weight is distributed at a ratio of 50:50 by shifting the v8 to behind the front axle and keeping the centre of gravity low. It is expected that the GTE and GT3 to appear with large rear diffusers compared to the current version. However, it is not only for professional racing drivers to enjoy. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle features the latest adaptive damping suspension with its dynamics tuned by Matt Becker. Vantage can never disappoint.