Ford is a company that majors in automotive manufacturing. Ford Company recorded 41 consecutive years of car sales leadership in the UK. It reached its 52 years of commercial vehicle (CV) sales leadership in the region in 2017. The company recorded the highest commercial vehicles (CV) sales of 123,958. Ford carried with it the participating scheme into 2018. That will improve its sales value in 2018. That will ensure that the company goes on with its leadership in total vehicles, CV, and car sales.

According to Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, 2017 growth was positive. This is despite the market challenges. The company has offered customers with the best vehicle models. The company’s CV line-up is the best model. Ford has developed class-leading vehicles in the major areas. The company’s participating scheme is carried up to the end of March 2018. Ford in on the verge of launching the Fiesta which is their new model. ST and Active models are the last models of the most technologically advanced small cars in 2018.

Data from Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) the annual UK car sales went down to 5.7%. This was with a registration of 2,540,617 compared to 2016. In 2017 the company recorded sales of 287,396 cars in the UK. They also registered a market share of 11.3% and sales of 78,938 ahead of its rivals. The company is the leader in retail car sales. In December 2017, the retail car sales share was 10.6%, a gap of 2.8% ahead of their competitors. The company’s annual car sales share was 11.7 a gap of 4.0% ahead of their rivals.

Most buyers in the UK prefer the Ford Fiesta. The model was the bestselling car for the ninth year in a row. It had a registration of 94,533 for the whole year. That was 19,928 sales and 0.7% of market share ahead of its close challenger. Ford’s comprehensive CV range helped deliver Ford’s best commercial vehicle sales in 2017. UK CV sales in 2017 were 370,162, down 3.5% compared with 2016. Ford CV sales in 2017 of 123,958 were up by 3.4% compared with 2016.

UK CV sector launched in 1965, and it received great help from Ford Transit since then. The CV range got 32.2% share in 2017 an increase from 30.6% in 2016. The Ford Transit Custom came 6th in the annual total vehicles sold in 2017. They had a rise of 4.5% with total sales of 52,277. That was twice the competitor's number.