Importing a vehicle these days is not an easy task. First, you have to find the ideal vehicle that will fit the needs and that will be in the budget. Account should also be taken of high import costs and taxes in a landlocked country such as Zambia, which does not have a port. Sometimes you have to go through countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique or South Africa.

How to pay your taxes and fees easily?

The advice that is usually given to importers is to obtain the information before embarking on the purchase of a vehicle. This allows you to better prepare yourself and avoid having a vehicle that you cannot import because the taxes are very high. The authorities have put in place a number of means of communication, which allow a clear idea of ​​the different import costs of a vehicle.

All vehicles entering Zambia must go through an inspection. In addition, it will be necessary to know the exact value of the vehicle and the country of origin. This will allow knowing all the taxes and the importer has 5 days to declare the taxes related to his vehicle. Other factors to consider are:

  • Year of manufacture
  • The quality of accessories
  • Engine power


To preserve a viable environment without toxic waste, the Zambian authorities have decided to favor vehicles manufactured after the year 2000. Thus, models manufactured before the year 2000 pay higher taxes to the authorities. The same is true for vehicles with high engine power that emit high levels of carbon in the environment.

Things to know when importing your vehicle

The Zambian authorities agree that all taxes should be paid in advance once the export certificate, bill of lading and various invoices are received. Not to mention that all imported cars must pass the inspection. These improvements make it easier to import vehicles and move quickly through the process without wasting time. This is reasonable, given the high number of vehicles imported daily to Zambia

Some vehicles will pay lower taxes depending on their weight, size and the power of their engine considered important factors in the deterioration of road infrastructure and environment.


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