Do you know most car breakdowns are due to battery failure?

If you want to be safe in Zambia from car breakdowns or increase your car batteries life span, you should maintain your car battery.

Your car battery could even shut down and cause engine failure if you don’t drive your car for several days. However, if you regularly drive, the alternator recharges the battery.

Five methods to maintain cars battery life:

1- Parking

You should park in a secure place as a closed garage will save the engine during extreme temperatures. The extremely cold temperature could cause difficulties for a car start, and extremely hot weather makes the battery fluid evaporate. So to protect your car, you may park under a shaded area or in a garage.

2- Clean Battery

While driving your car, a crusty white build-up doesn’t let the alternator do its job properly, so without a good source of current, your battery won't work properly. This ends up in a car breakdown. This is why you should clean your battery from time to time.

3- Addition of water

Adding water to something that contains electricity may sound odd, but in reality, every car battery requires fluid to function. Some batteries may be sealed due to a “maintenance-free” tag, but batteries without those tags can have water added into them. The fluid especially helps in hot weather as the low fluid battery will have damaged components due to overcharging.

4- Protect it

Car batteries should be handled with care and tossed around like Duracell or Energizers. They have many components, including fluid and acid, that can leak have battery gets damaged. You should keep records of your battery then if it's placed right or not. Keep the battery clean and secure it with rubber bungee cords as a precaution.

5- Utilize the sun

If your car sits idle in the sun for a long time, you might invest in a solar charger. A solar charger can be used anywhere, is renewable, and only uses free sunlight. Solar panels will charge your battery when needed. As it's installed, it will charge your battery. Some charges stop charging when a battery gets fully charged to prevent overcharging.

6- Cover with an insulation blanket

Insulation can protect your battery. In newer cars, the space under the hoods has been shrinking because the design has better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, reducing airflow in an engine. Insulation will protect your car from extremely cold and hot weather. If you think installing a bigger battery will have a longer run. A bigger battery will only fail as there won’t be airflow.

Maintaining your car battery is easy and can save you from regular car breakdowns. In addition, if you maintain your car battery, you reduce pollution by producing less corrosive and toxic material. So you should keep your car battery in good health.