Since the world regenerates, with a focus on green energy, the usage of internal combustion engines for electric transport also become more dynamic. The beginners in electric circulation technology are growing in Africa and in Zambia, as they focus on 2 and 3 wheels. But all these new inventions apart, there might be an increasing demand for used cars. While most consumers who buy at low prices are satisfied that they are now driving classic cars, the continent has to start dumping ICE, otherwise, it will be the easiest dump in the world.

After a year, with a car market contract for Covid-19, EVs sold up to 3 million or 4.1 % of worldwide sold cars. And by the end of 2021, the sales of EVs had doubled to 6.6 million, or 9% of the world's total car sales. Comparatively, McKinsey and Company's report on electricity transformation in Africa shows that the vehicles in 6 countries account for 70 % of the region's annual turnover and car sales are on the rise. It is expected to rise from 25 million vehicles today to around 58 million by 2040.

McKinsey's report emphasizes that the competition in sub-Saharan Africa as its vehicles grow will be to strive for sustainable mobility and to avoid becoming a dumping ground for unwanted vehicles in the world. Currently, transport accounts for about 10 % of greenhouse gas emissions in Africa (GHG). As the report continues to contradict, this will always change for the worse due to Africa's unusual challenges in changing the flow of electricity.

With the provision of uncertain electricity supply, car shortages, and the proliferation of older vehicles, the region must develop a rapidly growing ecosystem, focusing on the places where the continent has a good chance of being compared. The world is focusing on new energy sources, the African compass is the agenda-setter for EVs. They should strive to play a key position and take advantage of the reset.

To clarify, by using the word reset I mean that Africa shouldn't export raw materials and import EV batteries. These mistakes shouldn’t be repeated or made during the period of slavery or colonialism. As we strive to address the problems of climate change, we must maximize the opportunities that arise and the critical resources available to us.

Minerals EV battery production is one of the areas of global pain between the US and China. The Financial Times of May 24, 2018, stated that then-US President Donald Trump released a list of 35 minerals, that are, "said to be important for economic security and the US"

As global geopolitics molds the future of the world, Africa can take advantage of this war on minerals by becoming an important producer.