Image Courtesy Harley-Davidson Website

Harley-Davidson, is recognized throughout the world for its incredible motorcycles and its unmistakable large-cylinder engines, it has been gradually delving into models that are more friendly to the environment. This, with the aim of being a fully electric brand at some point.

LiveWire was a motorcycle model that was released in 2021 and was their first production electric motorcycle, although its handling and performance generated positive feedback, many of its customers were put off by its price.

At that time, Harley-Davidson announced its intention to turn 'LiveWire' into its own independent brand, thus creating a side business in electric motorcycles. Then, in 2022, the S2 del Mar, a low-budget, medium-weight motorcycle, was launched on the market.

Harley-Davidson will go electric in the future

In fact, the S3 light bikes were also revealed, which would be produced in collaboration with KYMCO. However, there would also be the S4 line, which is about electric models with larger displacement.

In an interview with Harley-Davidson's chief executive, he said the brand wants to go all-electric at some point, but it won't happen overnight.

Although the senior executive did not mention a specific date, he mentioned that the electrical transition process is already underway. In fact, he spoke that they will maintain the same characteristics and quality as the previous models and will evolve from them, since for them electrification is a natural evolution that sooner or later had to occur due to climate change, and also to attract new customers.

We have seen how this brand is also joining the manufacturing of fuel-free vehicles. Currently there are motorcycles that already work with electric motors in Africa. Apparently we are at the beginning of a new era of electric motorcycle manufacturing. Probably in the future other recognized brands such as Honda, Suzuki will also only manufacture electric motorcycles.