The new car in the market from Mercedes is an SUV. However, after a glance, one may not agree with the first statement. The new Mercedes is a powerhouse which is shaped to look like an everyday car. It comes equipped with the latest technology and the most intricate designs to ensure it can meet up to the standards of its predecessors.

The goal of reaching a range of 1000 km requires a huge battery to cope with. This would require a large amount of space available at the bottom of the vehicle. Nevertheless, this is not the case here, the power provided here is through a small battery to overcome all the obstacles using a bigger battery would have. The car is designed to have a smaller battery, less weight, aerodynamic shape and just a general classy look to catch everyone’s attention.

The weight of this automobile is about 1750 kg and the rear drive motor gives 204bhp. Mercedes has also informed that a test drive will be performed in the coming year to prove the efficiency of this car and to prove it works as advertised.

The car has back-light graphic at a part of its tail to portray the car’s slippery shape. Along with it is also a diffuser, which stretches immediately backwards after dropping to ensure safety if a crash is inevitable. On the second hand, due to having a small front-facing area, the overall drag of the car is extremely low.

The battery in the EQXX is around 40 percent lighter compared to the battery of an EQX. It has high-silicon type anodes but not solid-state electrolytes. It is also cooled through air and not by water which makes it stand out from most of the other EVs. The battery also is also made to work on 900 volts and due to that it can sustain about 100kW without any excess heat. Having no associated radiators or channels of water also reduces drag and overall weight.

The motor installed in the EQXX is a permanent-magnet type and all the internal parts of the car are optimized to the fullest. They are combined with an inverter which was designed by the usage of generation silicon-carbide MOSFETs. The structure if the EQXX was designed by the help of Mercedes’s F1 team which resulted in a stunning and large subframe at the back , weighing 20 percent less when compared to the size of a usual subframe.

The spaces between its structural legs were filled using a substance from a firm called UBQ that was manufactured, in part, from discarded diapers since they wanted it to meet noise and dirt-ingress regulations as well.

The EQXX has extremely low power consumption screens inside. New computer methods that mirror the human brain reduce the power required for navigation and possibly driving assistance as well. Instead than using large speakers that fill the entire cabin, the stereo makes use of tiny speakers in the head restraints. Additionally, the driver receives aural input on how their driving style is impacting efficiency as a result.