, launched by Africar Group and supported by the global automotive authority Stellantis, is transforming the way cars are sold, traded, and bought across Africa. Presently active in five countries and planning to expand, is setting new standards in the automotive industry by emphasizing trust, transparency, and integrated customer services.

The platform offers an extensive array of services that elevate the customer experience to levels seen in the new car market. These include a robust refund policy, warranties on major car components, and comprehensive roadside assistance, insurance, and maintenance packages. Such offerings are reshaping consumer expectations and enhancing the trustworthiness of the used car market.

Axel Peyriere, CEO and co-founder, shares his insight: "With, we are building a marketplace that not only meets the needs of today's African consumer but also anticipates the demands of tomorrow's markets." This forward-thinking approach is critical in a region where the automotive market is burgeoning and represents a significant component of economic activity.

Supported by Stellantis, with its vast array of respected brands, leverages deep industry knowledge and resources to deliver exceptional service and reliability. This partnership is instrumental in providing a safe, reliable marketplace for car buyers and sellers across Africa.

The strategic initiatives of are not just enhancing the car buying experience; they are also driving economic growth and mobility in Africa. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, its innovative approach to automotive trade is poised to influence industry standards globally, paving the way for a more robust and transparent auto market in Africa and beyond.