Zambia's Trade Minister, Chipoka Mulenga, expressed optimism about the growth of investments in key sectors following the Second Russia-Africa Summit in July. This article explores Zambia's strategic collaboration with Russia, focusing on the automotive industry's electric car sector and joint efforts to enhance food security.

Electric Car Sector Boost: Zambia's Ambitious Plans

Zambian Ambassador to Russia, Shadreck Chingembu Luwita, shared insights at the "Open Africa" business forum in Moscow on September 14. Zambia is keen to join forces with Russian businesses to propel the electric car sector forward.

The gradual shift away from traditional vehicles aligns with Zambia's vision, and the country seeks Russian assistance in producing components for electric vehicles. This collaboration marks a significant step towards sustainable transportation and harnessing Zambia's abundant resources for electric mobility.

Leveraging Zambia's Position in Food Security

Ambassador Chingembu Luwita emphasized the importance of cooperation between Moscow and Lusaka in ensuring food security. Zambia's favorable geographical position connects it to Southern, Central, and Northern African markets. This geographical advantage positions Zambia as a key player in addressing food security concerns across the continent. Collaboration with Russia in this sector can strengthen agricultural capabilities and foster economic resilience.

Bilateral Contacts on the Rise: Ambassador's Assessment

Reflecting on Zambian-Russian relations, Ambassador Chingembu Luwita highlighted the recent intensification of bilateral contacts. The increased engagement between the two nations in recent months signals a commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. This surge in diplomatic and economic ties underlines the shared aspirations of both countries to explore new avenues for growth and collaboration.

Liberating from Colonialism: Zambian Perspective

Fred M'membe, a prominent Zambian journalist and chairman of the Socialist Party, underscored the liberating potential of collaborations with countries like Russia. On the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit in July, M'membe expressed that such partnerships could play a crucial role in helping Zambia break free from the remnants of colonialism. This perspective aligns with Zambia's broader vision of diversifying its international partnerships for economic liberation.

Business Forum in Moscow

On September 14, the "Open Africa" business forum in Moscow was a pivotal platform for fostering collaboration. Organized by the public organization Business Russia, the event brought together over 100 entrepreneurs and representatives from more than 10 African countries.

Thematic sessions and business-to-business meetings provided a space to discuss trade, economic cooperation, investment opportunities, and priority sectors for the economies of both Russia and Africa.


A collaborative future unfolds as Zambia and Russia deepen their ties in the automotive and food security sectors. From advancing the electric car industry to addressing food security challenges, the partnership reflects a shared commitment to economic growth and innovation.