Alfred Chipembele who is a Zambian based in the United Kingdom runs a road safety campaign after suffering a tragic family member loss through an accident. Alfred Chipembele will do a 490 kilometers cycle from Lusaka all the way to Livingstone.

According to Patricia Sikaala who is the Zambia High Commission Charged’ Affaires in London said that road carnages had devastated many lives. Road accidents had also stalled the country’s social and economic development plans. Mrs. Sikaala re-insisted President Edgar Lungu’s sentiments that the government was making investment efforts to enhance road safety.

The Deputy Head of Mission urged all Zambians to take up actions in safeguarding their lives and those of other road users. She commended Alfred Chipembele’s efforts in sensitizing the public on road accidents awareness by cycling 490 kilometers.  Chipembele is set to take part in the September 2018 slated Transaid Cycle Zambia challenge in an effort to make his campaign global. Transaid Cycle challenge aims at changing lives by encouraging available, safe and sustainable transport and building skills needed to safeguard lives.

In the Transaid Cycle, Mr. Chipembele aims to cycle the 490 kilometers from Lusaka to Livingstone while rallying up for a £3,650 contribution to Africa charity works. Mr. Chipembele revealed that he was committed and passionate to carry out his campaign in road safety awareness. He wants to reduce road accidents in both Zambia and the African continent.

Chipembele lost his elder brother, Millios Tembo and a friend back in 2008 when a minibus hit them at a zebra crossing in Lusaka. This loss and many other losses of loved ones prompted him to join the challenge of Transaid Cycle Zambia to campaign against reckless driving.

A partnership between Transaid and the Industrial Training Center Trust (ITC) will see the construction of Zambia Professional Driver Training center. This initiative has also been extended to Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi.

ITC, which is a Grade one institution, is legally established as Board of Management under the Higher Education Ministry. The institution is supervised by a board of members who are appointed by the Higher Education minister. ITC partnered with the NGO for international development, Transaid back in 2008. Transaid aims at poverty reduction and quality life improvement in Africa and other developing nations. Transiad also seeks to transform transport into an efficient, safe and effective sector.