In partnership with Titanium Motors, The Volvo Group Southern Africa has signed a dealership in Lusaka which is to offer parts, complete sales and services for UD trucks and Volvo Trucks for customers in that region of Africa.

Zambia, according to Titanium, is a crucial point in their chain acting as a “regional transport hub” hence their decision to invest US$10 million in the new agreement.

According to the South African president of Volvo, Torbjörn Christensson, in addition to its central and strategic position, Zambia has also proven to be a key “African market for Volvo vehicles. The move was also prompted by the fact that she is also attractive since it is a developing market and a vibrant economy and growing infrastructure.

He added on to this stating that the commercial vehicles from Volvo were fundamental in the region, given the current developments in progress. They also opened a representative office at Lusaka for direct customer contacts.

“The dealership, 7 500m², boasts a state of the arts showroom, and also a training facility which is intended to further advance the local fleet owners and staff skills according to a statement from Volvo management. The dealership also has six working bays, mobile service unit, well trained and accredited technicians, several dedicated sales teams as well as parts warehouse.

Farook Bharuchi, the CEO of Titanium Motors added that the team they have developed consists of individuals who are customer oriented. He added their commitment to invest in employee training and development to enhance their productivity and customer satisfaction.
He also explains the team’s commitment towards ensuring fleet operators continue to offer quick and first-class technical services.

The president of Volvo trucks, Claes Nilsson, named safety as their “cornerstone” identifying it as essential in their vehicles, and high-quality parts that don’t compromise on quality, not forgetting the well-trained and extensive workforce and the innovative technology employed to enhance efficiency and productivity of Volvo truck operators.

He also pointed out to their range of award winning Volvo trucks and their ability to deliver high quality sales and aftersales services to show their dedication in providing fleet owners in the region with appropriate transport solutions which will be profitable to their businesses.

Gert Swanepoel, the UD Trucks managing director in Southern Africa also mentioned the company’s dedication towards developing and strengthening its name in the region.

Swanepoel said that their partnership with Titanium Motors strengthened their commitment to provide world-class and justifiable support to Zambian customers and also to other fleet owners running cross-border operations in the Southern Africa region.

Diversifying their product and service base reinforces their commitment to customer service. This is founded on their tradition of high quality and technological innovations to meet dynamic customer needs. The MD expressed their excitement in the future of UD’s venturing into Zambia and the Southern Africa region at large.