If you want to buy a used car in Lusaka and Zambia then you will definitely find several options and places to buy. Do you want to buy your car from a private home, or in the city center at a car dealer? There are several options and you will have to choose the best for your situation.

The city of Lusaka and Zambia

Lusaka is the largest city and capital of Zambia. It is located in the province of Lusaka and is an important administrative and commercial center of the country. It is a modern and traditional city with approximately 1,742,979 inhabitants in 2010. The city of Lusaka has a variety of means of transport, such as buses, taxis and rental cars.

Taxis are minibuses, cars or other vehicles with drivers. You can negotiate prices and they are recognizable by their blue color. For the purchase of used car, prefer a 4x4 due to the state of the roads.

The best car brands in Lusaka and Zambia

In Zambia and Lusaka in particular, you have several brands at your disposal and it is up to you to make the choice that fits you. The most famous brands are:

They are better suited to the roads of Lusaka and many people use them in the city and even throughout Zambia.

Where to buy your used car in Lusaka?

You can buy your car on the street and certainly make a good deal, however you must be careful. For example, you can require that your mechanic verify the vehicle from top to bottom. This will make it possible to know immediately if the vehicle is in good condition and if there is a maintenance after purchase.

You can also choose to buy your used car from a car dealer in the city center. You can of course negotiate with him but you will be limited and will not get the same favor as with a private. However, you will have other benefits like the possibility of making a loan at an acceptable rate, as well as important guarantees.