Lusaka boasts as both the largest city and capital of Zambia. It is ranked among the fastest developing cities in Southern Africa region. It is found in the southern part of the central plateau.

The city was named after a headman who lived in this site when it was just a village. It was later designated as the capital replacing Livingstone due to its proximity to both the railway line and the crossroads of the Great North Road and Great East Road. This was in 1935. Lusaka is the major economic hub of Zambia. It is the center for major commercial activities and government institutions. It also connects to four of the country’s major highways heading to the south, north, west, and east. According to a population census conducted in 2010, the city had a population of 1.7 million people.

Lusaka features a humid subtropical climate due to its high altitude. It experiences hot summers and warm winters. However, the cold conditions are limited to nights in June and July. October marks the hottest month with temperatures as high as 32 °C. The coolest month is July with a mean temperature of 14.9 °C. Zambia has two major seasons; a dry season which falls from April to October and a wet season.

Lusaka is quite a popular urban area for both the locals and foreigners alike. With increased investments, the city has managed to grow its facilities including infrastructure, settlement, and tourism. Exploring the city especially for new visitors is quite an experience. It offers sightseeing experiences of local markets, diverse suburbs & informal settlements, shopping opportunities among many other activities. However, it is important only to carry necessities of cash and valuables as the security is not a guarantee.

There are game drives available at the Parry's Game Ranch located about 21 km from the city center. The ranch also incorporates a playground and swimming activities. It also hosts wildlife including kudu, zebra, and other herbivores.

Chaminuka Lodge is quite accessible as it is located near the airport. It hosts amazing facilities for lodging with a privately owned park that has hyenas, elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, and antelopes. You can also visit the Henry Tayali Gallery located at the city showgrounds. It hosts exhibits of local art which are unique and done professionally.

The Manda Hill mall and Arcades offer great shopping experiences. They stock a variety of goods including those of western origin. The Arcade also hosts bowling activities, a cinema, and Sunday market. The Kabwata Cultural Village stocks a variety of goods for shopping but with an African feel.